About TeaCupBlog

About me
Hi, I am Prasanna Gadkari
I am a professional student and a product designer. 

About this blog
This blog was started when I was in was at IISc, during the internship of Titan. This blog was inspired after a lengthy discussion with Prof. Saleem Ahmed, who taught us aesthetics. He said that Product Design is very little known in India and there is need to create awareness among people about it. He recommended us to keep a diary, more specifically a "Design Diary". I still religiously keep the design diary, and when some thought comes that just wants to be shared, it goes into this blog.
    Recently I have included posts to help aspirants prepare for CEED and secure their dreams in design and designs in their dreams.

Why "TeaCup" Blog?
"Each cup of tea represents a voyage" said Catherine Douzel.

Hope you enjoy this blog :)

- Prasanna Gadkari