July 02, 2008

The dried flowers

I tried to collect the dried flowers and leaves yesterday. They were slightly damp from rains here. It has got a nice texture. I really wish to make these leaves transparent. I mean to say, like those leaves u find sometimes, sieve formed with a mesh of veins. It really looks very beautiful.
Also i still don't know how to dry these flowers without causing them to wrinkle. In one flower show i have seen dry arrangement. The flowers had not wrinkled. I still wonder how they did it. Now i have got this opportunity to try it out myself, so i will.


slam said...

Thanks for your coming to myblog

Anonymous said...

I first thought that it was written by a girl. Then i saw your photo. Hmm..OK, to each man, his 'preferences'!

Anonymous said...

In which angle does the flowers look dried to you 'fat head'!!!

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