July 25, 2010


Enzo - The Circle

Whats drawn in above figure? Its a circle drawn with black ink.

This symbol is called Enso (or Enzo). It is commonly found in Japanese aesthetics.

Take a brush in your hand and try to draw a circle, one like this. Do it again. You will observe both the circles are different. This difference exists because each time you drew it, the state mind was different. Enzo is said to expression of the mind of the artist who brushes it.

This site gives beautiful examples of this. You may want to visit it.

If just a circle gets affected by state of your mind so much, just imagine how much must your mind be affecting a complex process like designing?


Anonymous said...

Sometime in the 14th Century, Pope Boniface VIII commissioned artists to send samples of their works. Giotto dipped his paintbrush in red ink and, in one continuous stroke, created 'a perfect circle'. He got the commission from the church as a recognition of his artistic prowess.

PS: How many people you know can churn out such useless trivia at will? ANON-OUT.

Prasanna Gadkari ( M.Des at I.I.Sc.) said...

Thanks. I know someone who can ... :)

subu said...

hey Prasanna,
i am in 4th year Btech(automobile)...and interested in CEED..motor vehicle and transportation...
do u have any idea as to what are the future prospects or the current scenario if 1 gets a degree in this branch..??

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Dear subu,

There is a post written by Vikram here. In the introductory part he has mentioned some very encouraging and affirmative facts.

Adding to these, there is plenty of scope for transportation design. Also, some of the US based companies like GM, Ford, etc. have entered either collaborations or are opening studios in India. The future appears pretty bright and there will be plenty of opportunities.

Bhushan WorkPoint said...

It's Ensō.

Focus Engineerrs said...
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Focus Engineerrs said...
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