December 19, 2010

101 uses of a CD


Floppies were replaced by CDs long back. Now pen drives and DVDs are going to replace CDs. So what are you going to do with those stacks of obsolete shiny discs?  Here is what I suggest in 101 uses of a CD

   1. Paste several CDs to make a vase
   2. Use CDs as weighing system
   3. Use CD for Feng Shui charms
   4. Break CD and make wires out of the silver foil
   5. Use CD as a discus and throw it to your friend
   6. Take notes on a CD using wax pencil
   7. Stack CDs together to make a stool
   8. Don’t paint walls. paste CDs on it
   9. Make Jewelry out of CD pieces
  10. Use CDs to fix a shaky table
  11. Use them to as a door stopper
  12. Make road signs out of them as they are reflective

  13. Paint on the CDs to save paper
  14. Make sculptures out of CD
  15. Make disposable cutlery out of CD. Save plastic
  16. Stack CDs together and use them as a bottle
  17. Make a CD shooting gun to make a non-lethal weapon
  18. Use CDs to draw circles. (of course in only two sizes)
  19. Turn CDs into musical instruments
  20. Make costumes out of CD for fancy dress party
  21. Make a photo frame Out of the CD
  22. Roll two CDs on the floor and place bets on which goes further
  23. Make vehicle with CD for wheels
  24. Make footwear out of CDs
  25. Leave messages on CDs. Save money on Post-its
  26. Serve food on CD. Save paper dishes
  27. Cut CDs and make chess pieces
  28. Make locks that will open with some special CDs
  29. Make less lethal shrunken out of CDs. Be a ninja
  30. Use CDs to swat flies. Many ways can be thought about
  31. Sharpen a CD and cut grass with it
  32. Make toy boats out of CD. Float them in nearby river
  33. Make exercise weights out of CD stacks
  34. Make a portable tent from those CDs
  35. Stack many CDs and insulate your hot water pipes
  36. Print a magazine entirely on CDs
  37. Use CDs as cup coaster
  38. Use CDs as a new currency system
  39. make recyclable dustbins out of CDs
  40. Make cover for other CDs
  41. Make a stop motion animation using CDs
  42. Stack CDs high enough to make a world record!
  43. Find a new art movement using pieces of CD
  44. Make a drum kit entirely out of CDs
  45. Make a chandelier out of CDs
  46. Cut CDs into thin strips and make toothpicks out of it
  47. Use CDs to make the reflective exterior of the building
  48. Try to burn CDs to make smoke
  49. Try to burn them and find out if they make a good bonfire
  50. Make CD armor!
  51. Make a new hairdo using CDs
  52. Find out if you can attract ghosts using CDs
  53. Make wallets, purses, belts etc. out of CDs. Save animals
  54. Cut a CD out of fourths and use the rest as a hook
  55. Make a Abacus using CDs
  56. Use CDs to make fake medals!
  57. Use CDs to make a novelty night lamp
  58. Make funky necklace using CDs
  59. Overlap lots of CDs and make pavement with it
  60. Before starting a game toss a CD instead of a coin
  61. Use CDs to make body piercing!
  62. Make an umbrella from CDs
  63. Make a mobile phone stand with CDs
  64. Serve ice creams on a CD
  65. Bind CDs together with a rubber band and make a mouse traps with them
  66. Cut the CDs and make a crown with it
  67. Paint the CDs and make nice smiley
  68. Make a cage for small animals out of CDs
  69. Paint advertisements on CDs and give them away
  70. Cut four slots on CD, bend it and make a fan out of it
  71. Tie a CD to a string to measure height of a building
  72. Wind pieces of threads around stack of CDs for safe keeping
  73. Make a piggy bank out of the CD
  74. Make a comic character ‘CDman’ out of CDs
  75. Use CDs to make surfboard!
  76. Make a money holder out of two CDs held back to back
  77. Use CDs as tiles in bathroom
  78. Use CDs as a gasket to prevent leakages
  79. Use the hole in CD to play miniature golf
  80. Hang the CDs from threads to make sun catcher/wind chime
  81. Stack sufficient number of CDs and make dumbbells
  82. Juggle the CDs and become famous
  83. Make a alien spacesuit with CDs
  84. Use CDs as a clock face
  85. Hold a karate competition to break CDs in place of bricks
  86. Make a disposable trash bin using CDs
  87. Make a funky mask with CDs. Use the hole for eyes
  88. Make goggles out of two CDs
  89. Pitch CDs on a peg instead of horseshoes
  90. Demonstrate principles of physics by colliding CDs
  91. Make a funky curtain by hanging CDs in a chain
  92. Use CDs as reflector on your bicycle
  93. Print a circular calendar on a CD
  94. Make an alien scarecrow out of CDs
  95. Instead of spiral binding, bind pages with CDs
  96. See at what temperature CD melts, and use it to measure temperature
  97. Make a reflector for a ceiling lamp using CDs
  98. Mark directions on CD and use it as a compass face
  99. Put CDs edge to edge and make a large white board out of it
 100. Print and put pictures on a CD, tie those together and make an album.
 101. Use CD to measure angles like a protractor

Tip for CEED aspirants : A common CEED question is, 'list 10 unique uses of a CD'. Here are 101.


Saurabh said...

Cool list.

How long did it take for you to come up with 101 ideas ?

I tried this myself, but it took me almost 3 hours to come up with 101 uses of waste CRT monitors.

I wonder if one can get faster at this through practice.

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Dear Saurabh,

Thanks for dropping by.

I really dont keep an eye on watch while generating ideas. I did it just for fun. Hey, 101 uses of CRT sounds a great idea!! Do u have it posted anywhere? Maybe I can take that up as challenge (of course, keeping an eye on the clock this time :P )

Take care,
~ Prasanna

Saurabh said...


Here's my list :

I then tried this exercise for discarded plastic cups. Took nearly the same amount of time again.

It's interesting to see how some of the best ideas are randomly distributed throughout the list.

Too bad we don't get the time to make a long list and then choose the 10 best ideas for a CEED answer.

Did you try doing it again with a 'watch on the clock' :) ?

arunima said...

that is one AWESOME list !

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Dear Saurabh,

I took up your challenge to generate 101 uses of an old CRT monitor. You can find the link here :

Plz do write your opinion :)

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Dear Arunima,
thanks for dropping by, as always :)

Anonymous said...

hi, Prasanna this is Srinivasan here. The uses you mentioned are little absurd(not in a judgmental way). Are you supposed to come up with ideas which makes sense(again not in a judgmental way)or it can be as crazy as possible? Thank you.

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hello Anonymous,

I just write things for fun. Not just specific to CEED. Dont u think absurd is fun?

Aditya said...

Awesome post. I was planning to throw my old CDs tomorrow. Now I think I'll put my genius brain ;) to work and make something out of it!

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Dear Aditya,
I have full faith in your "genius brain" :)
Dying to hear more about ur exploits with your old CDS.
P.S. You can make a complete surpise by using 102nd idea, what say? :)

Aabha Paithankar said...
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Aabha Paithankar said...

several CDs can be joined together to form a easily washable table mat,CDs can be used as beverage coasters,they can be put on compound walls (vertically) instead of using wires of pieces of glass,they can be used to channelize water to particular plant in ur garden by putting them side by side (vertically) :)

Aabha Paithankar said...

sorry it is wires or pieces of glass

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hi Aabha
Thanks for contributing with pretty creative ideas :)

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