June 23, 2014

Success Story : Suchismita Naik (Info Design, NID)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Prasanna Sir for all his wise advice and guidance. I will try to keep it simple and to the point:

My Background: I did my engineering from BITS-Pilani Goa Campus. That’s where I realized that designing is what defined me. I started honing my skills through freelancing and mastered Photoshop. All my applications to design firms met with rejection due to lack of degree and not enough exposure. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I set my eyes on cracking NID / CEED to enter the design world. 

My preparation:
Sometimes passion is not enough to make it through. It requires focus, attention and detailed preparation which is what I realized when I was put in waitlist in my first attempt at NID and could not make the cut. 

NID/CEED Preparation:
-          Find some time every day to read about one famous artist or designer and their work
-          Grab a pen/pencil and paper and start doodling and sketching objects you see around.
-          Observe fonts, logos, patterns, interactions around you in your day-to-day life.
-          Reading about design related articles in Fastcodesign.com and other design related sites keeps you updated and inspired.
-          Install Logo quiz app and play on.
-          Download previous years’ paper and practice a few.
-          Time management in these papers is very essential. Painting is a bad idea.
-          Don’t waste your hard-earned money on books or coaching centers.
-          Knowledge never goes to waste. Who knew brilliant topology classes by my Maths Prof in college would help me get through the interview.
-          Don’t be stressed out while preparing. Be happy and ideas will start flowing.
-          Think crazy. Designing is all about expressing yourself.  Don’t lose touch with your inner self and design on.

Duration of my preparation: It was a continuous process. Serious preparation for 2 months or more is more than enough.

My interviews:
CEED: Since I was short on time I had applied for only one field even though I wanted to apply for two. So it is always better to start preparation immediately after the written exams. I couldn’t clear the interviews mostly because of delay in my preparation.

NID: I had applied for Information Design. Learnt from my earlier mistake, I started my preparation immediately. In the interview I was asked questions mostly related to Mathematics and how it was related to Information. I had carried many posters, logo designs, artwork as my portfolio but the panel just saw two things: my rough drawings/sketches and 3D model of tetrahedron. I never knew my rough sketches and doodling would matter so much.

My Portfolio:
This is something which builds up slowly and with time. So if you are planning to go for this field, you need to start preparing for it right away. My portfolio mostly consists of freelancing work, artworks and my doodling drawing book.

- Be yourself while answering any question. You are up for a panel of experienced smarty pants.
-No answer is better than a wrong one at the interview. Be upfront about it if you have no clue.
- Follow Teacup blog closely.
- Taking help from a couple of seniors in NID/IDC never hurts.
- Believe in your hard work and enjoy whatever you do.

All the best!!! :)
You can drop a mail or message me. I would be happy to help.

Paper Tetrahedron

Autopref logo design

Painting using points


starry night using sketchpen

wintery night using a blackpen



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