June 26, 2016

Success story of Shantanu Singh (IISc)

First of all thank you “Prasanna Sir” for this opportunity.


Hello, my name is Shantanu Singh. A little introduction about myself – I am from Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. Did my degree in B.Tech in Industrial and Production from Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology,Allahabad in 2014. I have always been passionate about anything which drives/rides on wheels(not interested in sketching them again and again in different forms) as well as reason behind things happening all around us, helps me to understand all the basic fundamental of every engg branch like electronics, mechanical, computer science etc. These helps me to create new thing without restriction. From childhood people from my neighbor call me to repair their water pumps , cassette player, showcases, refrigerator, televisions and all they got to repair in free and I repaired they again and again about 16 years and still servicing an old air gun.J
And selected for M.Des in Product Design, IISc in first attempt.(CEED AIR 122)

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CEED exam-
Meditate well to clear partA. Attempted only 21 question and feeling like “Beta tumsenaahoopayega”.

I had my product design interview on the last(second) day and even last but one. They are so much tired and want to finish as much as possible.They asked me to show portfolio, but I don’t have such type of what they are expected and keep seeing from first day again and again. I had four individual A4 sheets with different concepts of design and product design concept(total 4 concepts) laminated myself and 3 prototypes, two of them to demonstrate the concept and one just to show them that somehow I am familiar with clay. They asked about material, process, Degree Projects from every GATE and CEED aspirant from day one but not even a single question from me. They asked me about concepts and then I demonstrated them through prototypes and keep listening good…good…good.
There was a madam who spoke,just a concept or whatever you are doing is not possible to understand and work. After two occasions I responded her “Mam with due respect I want to say that HAPPING MAY OR MAY NOT CONTROL THE THINKING ,BUT THINKING NEVER GONA CONTROL THE HAPPENINGS” After 4th concept I just want to leave but they asked me to show some more concept. My interview ended after 22 min(slot 15 min).
IDC (Mobility)
They smiled and say hello….then they asked me about native place, after getting answer they replied “long way”. I told them that I left form my home 15 days ago. They all laughed and said it loudly “Mobility haa…are u walked throughout the way” then I told them about IISc bcos results are on website.Panel suggest me to take admission in IISc and interview ended without portfolio,concept,project,material,chit chat…and I myself don’t want to show my concept there just bcos in future I am gona file patent.


aditya panchal said...

good work brother.

aditya panchal said...

good work brother.

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Nice model...

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