February 06, 2017

Naveen Bagalkot's experience at IDC IITB Interaction design

Naveen Bagalkot Im talking from my experience of giving interview for PD at IDC, twice, long back. 

The first time I went only with a slide show. Due to circumstances I did not have the time and hence could show only half of one project. Due to whatever reasons, I got rejected. 

Second round, planned a different strategy. 
Printed all my projects into A4 / A3 booklets. I had about 6 /7 of them, and each had detailed the problem, process, and concept in visual forms. Did not carry any digital stuff. When I entered the interview room, I opened the packet and gave two reports to each of the three panel members, thereby maximising the visibility of my ideas, thinking process, projects, etc. And I guess it worked. Made it. 

Take-away: Show and tell your problem choice, process, and ideas through the best means possible. But due to time constraints at the interview, do not restrict to one medium. Take a combination of physical reports (separately bound according to projects / type), and digital stuff. If you can, you can also use one of the web-based UI mock-up tools, and put a couple of UI designs on your phone and show it to the panel. Flood them with your ideas, process, and projects. 

All the best.

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Reproduced with permission :) 


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Sir, please help me. My rank in ceed is not good. AIR 295. Is their any possibility of getting call from iities

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