April 18, 2018

Experience Sharing: NID InfoDesign and IxD

We would like to thank Soumya Mukund for sharing the following experience on TeaCupBlog:

Information Design:
1. (a) List any 10 objects/things that you have received and have retained/abandoned.
    (b) Tell the time of acquiring the object, period for which it was there with you/abandoned, duration in months/weeks/years, feeling towards it (1 is least and 5 is highest) - a tabular column was given
    (c)  Depict a timeline of those objects visually, label the object and write legend if necessary

2.  A smart pollution detector has been installed in the area and the display is connected to an LED screen.
     Pollution is measured in particulate matter PM 2.5 to PM 10, causes of pollution, preventive measures like staying indoors and wearing masks, being responsible by maintaining cars that are old etc were given. 
We had to design the 4 screen UIs for the display of information.

3.   A social worker has developed an app for upcycling of clothes for low incomes workers. The app has : quilts, t-shirts, jackets, mix and match, baby wear
     (a)  What is the problem faced by low income workers, which the application aims to solve
     (b) Design a web app or mobile app for the screen flow of the solution to the problem statement

Interaction Design:
1. A speech-based navigation in ATM
  (a) Visualize the form and sketch it
  (b) Design the interface and show what it looks like. Illustrate any one step that involves proximity sensing and facial recognition
   (c) Write the dialogues between machine and two separate users

2. Design an informative graphics to communicate about water scarcity to 5-12 year olds. 8 points were given like 2 gallons of water is used for brushing teeth etc and we had to choose any 6 related points and depict it as infographics

3. Material handling: a single piece of aluminium wire to depict any new posture or novel gesture that people have attained due to their interaction with smartphones.


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