July 01, 2008

Three things i really wish to do today..

I rewally rewally (from George Michael's Freedom) wish to do today.. (of course, apart from Saleem sir's assignment and my internship)

1. Try my hand at watercolurs: once i really was so good at watercolors! i was 6 then. And it was so much fun. i want to enjoy it again... today. Already equipped with Camel watercolors, palette, some brushes and A3 papers.

2. Just 'get lost' for sometime: Too much worries too little time. The dreamworld on 'other side' beacons me ... maybe just sit down and stare at the wall... till i smile...

3. Collect flowers and dead leaves outside my room: There is a nice flowering tree outside my room. I look at it everyday from my balcony.Always wish to go out and collect those cute leaves and put them in a notebook... and those flowers to dry. Will do that today... in nice rains.


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