July 02, 2008

Meditative Design

Yesterday I was discussing the form design of the Watch For Blind People with Saleem sir. I had sketched so many buttons, that i was going to suggest to be used on the watch. He saw them, and told me that you should see the design as a whole picture rather than considering only buttons or only strap. Actually that made so much sense! Its like saying you should see the elements of product as part of product and the product itself as a part of bigger picture. Things got so much clear!

Till then i had made only one complete sketch of the watch. He suggested me to make more sketches. "It is like you see a girl, and fall in love with her. You date that girl, be with her for months, and then you realize that the girl is not the one you are looking for. So you say, 'its nice being with u. Lets still be friends' and you carry on" I really wont bother with the ethics or the sentimental part of design but the example itself made it absolutely clear that while designing you should keep on tweaking with forms and functions till you get it! If you want to get the first sketch of the design as the final sketch, it is possible, only if you have made hundreds of sketches in your mind. That is meditated over the design. And this, i think is the key to reduce the time required for design process, that i have been looking for such a long time.

I really wish to thank Saleem sir for this.


Anonymous said...

That was a very valuable lesson in Product design, and in some way, even about life....and girls....and everything in between...NOT! Man, that was some deep gyan.

deepak said...

Thats nice thought, It happens (knowingly or unknowingly) with all of us when we sketch or just make ideation doodles. We tend to get emotionally attached to one type or kind of concept. Meditative Design!! Thanks for posting this

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