April 03, 2013

Solution to "Dry socks quickly"

This post is based on question asked by Probin in the post  How to prepare for post-CEED interviews 

Question : Can u give ur ideas for answering the question 5 ways to dry socks quickly?

For coming to the solution I am using Attribute Method.

To dry the socks I have used the approach to remove the water from them so that they will be dried quickly. Using this we come to following ideas

Problem : To dry socks quickly

Method :   To remove water from socks

Attributes :   Water is evaporated in airy environment
        Put socks in front of a fan operating at full speed
        Use hair dryer to blow hot air onto the wet socks
        Place them under a 100 watt bulb for evaporating the water
        Iron the socks
        Heat another piece of cloth and apply to wet socks for them to dry
        Combinations of the methods above
    Water is absorbed by some medium
        Roll a piece of chalk so that the chalk absorbs the water and dries the socks
        Press the socks between dry sheets of cotton cloths
        Apply silica gel on socks
    Mechanical means of removal of water
        Use vacuum cleaner to sock water out of the socks
        Whirl the socks in air so fast that centrifugal force removes water from them
        Hire a road roller to press water out of the socks
        Find really thirsty ants who will drink water out of your socks

We observe that the many ideas generated are practical and some are humorous. If the question specifically asks you to list the humorous one, choose the appropriate ones. Attribute method serves well to generate a large number of ideas in a short time. And it can be used logically to arrive at unique solutions, therefore, use of Attribute Method for such problems is recommended.

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bhagath pagadala said...

hi prasanna,
this is bhagath final year (mechanical engg.) i got 306 rank in CEED 2013 can i get seat in IIITDM or any other institutes,what do u suggest me to wait for better rank in next year or take up a private college
I am in a totally confused state is it worthful to pay huge amounts in private institutions

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hi Bhagath,

I am not much aware about IIITDM, so i dont know if your score is sufficient or not, but i recommend you to apply anyway

I feel your decision to wait for an year depends on many things, like whether you have other priorities in life, how good are your current skills, what you plan to do in the year you take a break, and what will be your chances after a year long preparation. For example, if your family depends on you financially, its not a good idea to take a drop. If not, there should not be any problem in taking a drop for an year. Also, even with a year long preparation, there is no guarantee of getting into IIT :(

Similarly with private institution, you will have to take into account the fact that, which institute you are taking admission into. IIT and NID are the top most institutes in the country, so any other institute wont really guarantee you the knowledge or exposure you will get here. None the less, they do have a good placement scenario from what i have seen. I dont think its such a good idea to try out private institutes, though, i leave the decision to you.

Bhagath Pagadala said...

thank u prasanna ,unfortunately my DAT ,semester exam were going to be held on the same day.I don't know what to do

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hi Bhagath,
It has happened with many people!
I guess, you can take a call of taking a drop in a subject or appearing again next year

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