June 24, 2016

Experience of Gonga Naveen Kumar (NID, Product Design)

Gonga Naveen Kumar, M.Des-Product Design

This is how it all happened:

I was working in Hero Motocorp as a GET. I used to get lot of appreciation for my paintings. I was thinking of changing my field to designing. One of my friend suggested me to do M.Des. I have researched about M.Des and found out NID and IDC are the best colleges available for that. Then I have applied for NID and IDC. I was interested in Product design,  NID and Industrial Design, IDC.
I have prepared well for CEED, but due to some silly mistake of mine, it didn't go well. Being upset about that, I didn't prepare for NID's DAT. Directly went to exam hall and wrote the exam.

Results are out. I've cleared DAT with good marks. Qualified for the next stages. 

Then I thought this is the time I have to give everything for the next stages in order to qualify or else I have to spare one more year unnecessarily.
I QUIT MY JOB, exactly 20 days before the Studio tests and interviews. Prepared day and night for Portfolio (17 days) and last three days on Studio tests. I have ordered Silica home kit to get to know the feel of synthetic clay. I doodled a lot in these three days. I got my portfolio printed like a Karizma album(Marriage album).
I went to Ahmedabad for studio tests in Product Design.

Studio test 1 was a group activity. We need to build a passenger bridge. Materials such as Binding wire, Match sticks, Cardboard and two wooden blocks. A paper will be given for each, where you have to write down your observations, considerations, learning etc.

Studio Test 2 was an individual activity where each candidate is given a socks(1 unit) in which 8 different materials were kept. The candidate has to keep one hand inside socks, feel the components and remove the hand, without pulling out any component outside. Then one sheet will be given, in which the component name, material type, dimensions, drawing and its uses should be written. I was able to figure out all the eight components with dimensions. Then another sheet was given, where using the components from the previous sheet, should make a design, which floats. I made a penguin floating on ice berg in water pool.

Studio Test 3 was about 3D model making, where we were given a block of thermacol each and a metal file for working on the thermacol. We need to make a water bottle for a five year old kid. And also a sheet of paper is given where we have to draw and show what our design is and explain it.

My Interview was actually conducted before the studio tests according to the schedule.The panel consisted of three members, including a Psychologist. The questions were mostly related to my work as an employee in the company. They also asked why I wanted to change to design field from my current field. I answered all the questions quite well, as my confidence level was high at that time and the interview went on for half an hour. They also asked me about my financial status and how will I be paying the Fee etc. I said I have already planned for all of that. Also, they asked me what if I don't get a seat in the college. I said I will keep on trying till I get a seat.

Results are out and I was in the Merit list 1. Now the admission process is going on...  


Sri Nag said...

hey! do you mind posting the pics of your portfolio?

siva said...

what did you put on porfolio? care to explain?

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hello siva and Sri Nag,
Gonga Naveen Kumar may not read this post, but you can reach him out on Facebook and send him a message.
If you have queries, you can write to me as well on pg2005.pg@gail.com

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