July 16, 2008

No Photoshop? use Powerpoint!

Oh God, you dont have Adobe Photoshop installed on your system, or it crashed? Dont worry, Micorsoft Powerpoint can make some cool stuff too!
Example... A web button (that you might have seen when u visited some websites)
This was made in Powerpoint!!




And you have the button as shown!!

Many such things can be done, using autoshapes, setting their colour, transparencies, gradients, etc. You can even make scenes that move!! Movement can be incorporated using the slide transition or custom animation.

So try it yourself! and enjoy :)


Anonymous said...

Useful stuff Mr.Gadkari. But I thought you people back in India had pirated versions of all softwares, including Photoshop. Sounds like you spent way too much time on powerpoint. Good day.

Arunkumar Francis said...

nice tutorial

Grishma said...

v good idea

Ashwin Gandhi said...

i use MS Word, PowerPoint, picture manager, picassa, paint and pixlr all together equivalent as Photoshop...:) works great for me!! but transferring the pic from one place to anotehr is a prob... :)

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