May 07, 2012

Difference between story board and comic strip

This post has been inspired by question asked by chetanyadav, here : "How to prepare for CEED":

A story board and comic strip has following characteristic differences:

1. A story board is used to convey information, while comic strip is mainly humorous or just entertaining

2. A story board often is not published anywhere, while a comic strip is drawn to be published in newspaper or magazines

3. A story board is an intermediate, and often compulsory step in animation and film making, while a comic strip is an end product in itself

4. A story board is often drawn with additional information like camera angle, transition to next frame, etc. while a comic strip does not contain such information

5. A story board focuses mainly on action and does not necessarily contain dialogs that the actors say, while a comic stri generally contains speech bubbles.

6. A story board may not be always drawn in fixed space, while comic strip’s length is identified by where it is published.


chetanyadav said...

Hello sir
thanks for the clear difference, here in your blog I had come across a link for 'story board basics', I downloaded the pdf, there the story board example had four columns namely 1. SHOT NO. (I guess it's the sequence), 2.PICTURE (conveying actions and camera direction through arrow heads), 3.TYPE AND DURATION OF SHOT (I didn't understand this at all as it used some abbreviations...CU, PDV, MS, CLI etc), 4.SOUND AND DIALOG. Sir, if possible pls explain the 3rd column.

chetanyadav said...

Story board seems easier than comic strip where sense of humour is a must. Moroever I find linking two scenes in comic strip difficult.

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

hi Chetan,
The question you asked was relatively out of context, and i also didn't know the answer to it. The faculty of Franklin High School have build this excellent page for explaining all these film making terms that you have mentioned. Have fun :)

chetanyadav said...

Hello sir
thanks for the help. I would rather not focus on this if it is out of context. Thank you for this post.

Gautham said...
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