June 05, 2017

Anonymous Experience of IIT-B, IIT-G and NID

Hey there! How you doing? I am (name withheld) , a web application developer from Pune. My native is Tamil Nadu.

I wrote both NID DAT (Applied for Interaction design in NID) and CEED for the year 2017 and even cleared the prelims (Luckily!). I am not going to say much about -how to clear the prelims, as enough is said already in all the remaining blogs.

I got 20th rank in general category in NID DAT and 62nd rank (General category) in CEED (Amazing isn’t it? I myself was amazed) but still I did not make into any of the institutes (neither NID nor IIT) because they thought I am too handsome to be in those colleges.... Just kidding. Please remember that even if you are having a rank of 1 in both CEED and NID DAT there is no guarantee that you will get a seat. This is a failure story hence start reading with caution.

No animal was harmed when writing this blog.


I applied for IxD in NID. I did not have any portfolio work related to IxD but I had some logo designs, digital arts and some sketches. In the DAT Mains of NID there were 3 questions-

  1. Design a mobile app targeting people of rural areas, explain the concept and draw logo and some pages of the app.
  2. Explain some applications of drones in rural areas. Explain the implementation using a storyboard(First the problems to be solved by the drones in rural areas is to be listed).
  3. Design a “wearable” interactive device that will work as an add-on for the physical/mental limitations of Indian farmers.

(Yes, NID is in love with the rural areas!)

Honestly speaking, I did well and was confident that I will be selected.

Prasanna sir helped in reviewing my portfolio before I went to NID, thanks for that sir (but I failed you master... forgive me!).

In the interview, I was asked questions about JavaScript, Angular JS.etc as I told them that I am a website developer. They were not even interested in my portfolio. I had to force hand it to them.

In the final merit list my rank was 18 but only first 8 ranks from the general were taken in.


We were not given any accommodations in Mumbai. Of all the IITs IDC’s application process is a little different. We had to send a courier to IDC

  • which has the application form ,
  • any 3 of our portfolio works,
  • a critique of any 2 designs
  • and a critique of a newspaper article.

After seeing our applications IDC decided not to give us any accommodation that year (2017).... Kidding again! IIT Bombay was unable to accommodate us.

I had applied for Interaction, Communication and Animation design , in hopes that they will take me in at the least one stream. Big mistake!!! I failed to qualify in all the 3 streams and started questioning my purpose of existence.

DAT for Interaction Design –

Design an interactive device for visually challenged people to help them cross roads. Before designing the problems faced by the visually challenged needs to be listed down and how the device solves any one of those problems need to be explained with a storyboard.

DAT for Communication Design-

  • Write advantages/disadvantages of demonetization(essay)
  • How demonetization affected your personal life(essay)
  • Create a brand for Indian Railways(logo, symbol, font and implement this in any of the products like tickets, posters, carriage etc).

DAT for Animation Design-
Was given a story like –“A client is admiring a chaiwallas way of making tea and suddenly they heard a women screaming...” and was asked to complete it and make a comics out of it including the character sketch of the chaiwalla.

Later in the interview, questions were asked mostly on the portfolio. Interview was held just to look at your portfolios and ask questions from that. The people in the interview were really cool and admired the portfolios in ways in which I myself would not have admired it. Some of the portfolios were ridiculed and made fun of too.

After all this I was rejected. Give my accommodation money back, IITB/IDC!!!!!!


Of all the IITs everyone’s favorite was iit guwahati because they did not charge any application fee. They collected money only from the people who were shortlisted for DAT and interview. They even announced the final results the very next day of the interview. The campus too was amazing and it rained during the summers in Guwahati on 2017....Can you believe that!!!!
Coming back to the topic-

We were asked to choose any character(real life/fictional), an animal(real life/fictional), an object(non living thing) and a place(real/fictional) . Using all these we were first supposed to write an essay/story and later were asked to draw a storyboard from the same story/essay we wrote.

The interview panel had all the professors of design in it. I estimate the number to be around 15 people.

They examined my portfolio and asked questions regarding my current profession and logos. Suddenly they might surprise you by asking you to list the states around Assam. Be ready for anything.

Finally got rejected in IIT Guwahati too. I was actually happy when I was not selected into IIT Guwahati because of all the IITs, Guwahati is worthy enough to reject me (crying loudly inside).

Mistakes I think I made-
I was not sincere enough to create a good portfolio. My portfolio was a lazy single file consisting of some random finalized logos. I did not even include the thought process for those final products. I was not even sincere enough to talk to the seniors or check out the portfolios of people who came with me.

People who came with me had bundles and trolleys of portfolio works. I actually had a mild heart attack after seeing all those. Even some of those people having truckloads of portfolio got rejected. So the final DAT process of the IITs is still a mystery to me.

I hope this blog is useful. I will send the pictures of the DAT question papers later, if possible. I just hope that at least my essay will be accepted to be displayed in the teacupblog (crying more inside).

If you think that my experience sharing was useful just fulfill my only wish-
Just in case you get selected to the iits ,go to the design professors and loudly say –“I was sent by the guy whom you rejected long ago. He sends his regards”. (The professors won’t care but it is still worth it).

All the best people!!! Keep rocking!!


sukhbir said...

I enjoyed your way of writing, had a good laugh! Hope that the lannisters send your regards!! ;P :D

Joy said...

woah...nice story sire...touched my heart[trying not to cry...crying a lot [internally]]

Jai Vardhan Singh said...

This would really help me to prepare for.the worst in IIT DATs

SRUN POR said...
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Dhanraj Gupta said...

A failure story is more worthy than hundreds of successful ones.

Lakshmi T.V said...

hi, thanks for the NID questions. Can you please tell your approach for answering ? Like what ideas did you put forth ? What did you like / dislike in your ideas ? Would like to learn from your experience. Thanks

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hello Lakshmi,
The person who wrote this may not reply to you, however you can write to me on the email that appears below my pic. I can help you solve your queries.

Ipssitta Rajak said...
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